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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reportedly Have 'No Untouchables' Including Greinke

The New York Post had an interesting report out on Friday morning. Apparently, there are "no untouchables" on the Royals roster which means everyone, including Zack Greinke, is available.

According to several baseball executives the Royals haven't told other clubs there are any untouchables on their roster.

"They will listen on all of them," an NL source said yesterday, 10 days from the July 31 trading deadline.

The previous word on this was that the Royals were telling teams across the league that Greinke and Billy Butler weren't available, which made sense. Though we haven't heard Joakim Soria land on the "untouchable" list, his reporting price tag made him virtually untouchable.

I'm not sure what to make of the Post report because there's no way they can be proven wrong so it's possible they're just making a prediction without consequence. The previous report on Greinke and Butler not being available, comes via Jon Heyman of