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David DeJesus' Injury Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Royals

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The David DeJesus injury is the best thing that could have happened to the Kansas City Royals at this stage of the season, short of a Rockies-like run in the second half to make an unlikely playoff attempt. That might seem a horrific thing to say, but just go with me on this one. It's all playing out as it should be -- even if it thwarts the front office's plan for the trade deadline.

The reason is that the trade value of DeJesus most certainly takes a nosedive given the recent news from Buster Olney that he will be out at least a couple of weeks and perhaps up to six weeks. The Royals will not sell low on a guy like DeJesus and will instead keep him rather than settle for a lesser package. The feedback from other general managers was that KC was asking for the farm anyway, so it's obvious they're aware of his value. Now that the value is temporarily set back, there should be no more trade rumors surrounding him.

The other reason is that Alex Gordon is now back with the major league club -- and hopefully for good. Gordon deserves to be starting at this level and given a reasonable amount of time to prove his ability to handle major league pitching on a regular basis. This doesn't mean looking at this strikeout total and panicking and subsequently sending him back to the minors. Gordon's on-base numbers are still solid and his bat holds much more potential than what we've witnessed.

The Royals are best with both Alex Gordon in the lineup and David DeJesus staying with the team. With this injury, the Royals are forced to accept both realities -- and they will be happy they did in the long run. DeJesus' injury is a hidden gift from above and Dayton Moore will thank the baseball gods soon enough.