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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Like Jeff Francouer, Have Scouted The Mets

Last week a report emerged that the Royals had sent a "top talent evaluator" to a game between the Giants and Mets. There were a couple possible reasons for that.

First, the Giants had reportedly showed interest in both David DeJesus and Jose Guillen so we figured the Royals were doing some due diligence in the instance a trade were to occur between the two clubs.

Second, the Mets reportedly offered up pitcher Oliver Perez in exchange for Gil Meche so that was another situation to keep an eye on.

Now here's another reason: Ken Rosenthal of reports the Royals "like" the Mets' Jeff Francouer. The connection is that Francouer was with the Braves while Royals GM Dayton Moore was there.

This is a situation to monitor. The Royals appear willing to move some pieces before the deadline.