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PHOTOS: Chiefs Entering New Era At Arrowhead Stadium

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I took a tour of the New Arrowhead Stadium this afternoon and, let me say, it looks very cool.

The Chiefs livened up some of the suites and really made them some of the premier suites of the league. For the rest of us, there are much larger concourses, more concessions and food options as well as more bathrooms and other amenities.

They also added the Hall of Honor which is available to everyone. You'll see the Chiefs HOF busts there.

Overall, everything is bigger and nicer. It's hard to explain.

They did so well, even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is coming to check things out next week.

Here are some photos of the New Arrowhead.


This is the bar area for the club level folks. It's sort of the common area. Behind me in this picture is a huge room with more TVs and food options.


This is one of their best suites. I can't quite tell from the signature on the table but I believe it's the Jan Stenerud suite.

By the way, standing in the Len Dawson suite with Len Dawson...pretty cool experience.


This is the Foolish Club area. Those are some of the original AFL teams above. Raiders on the bottom left (ugh).


Clark Hunt addresses some of the media members in the Foolish Club. Several times throughout the tour you could catch Hunt saying, "This is one of my favorite parts..." The Foolish Club is one of them.


This is the Founder's Club area. To your left is the field and a seating area. Straight ahead is the bar area (there's another side to it). To your right is a larger seating area.


This is what greets you as you walk into the Founder's Club. Pretty cool.


And a view of Kauffman Stadium, with a Chiefs flag, from the top concourse.