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Manchester United Week: Kansas City Wizards Need To Pull Out All The Stops

I'm not trying to insult the Kansas City Wizards when I say Sunday's game against Manchester United is like the Royals AAA team playing the Yankees but it's a fair comparison.

Manchester United, like the Yankees, has major talent and a major name. In fact, Manchester United is the no. 1 sports brand in the world.

Now it's time for little 'ol Kansas City to give them a test.

On Sunday, the two sides will meet at Arrowhead Stadium here in Kansas City. For the Wizards, it's a shot to see how they compare to the big boys.

Per the Kansas City Star:

“We are going to try to continue on the same themes that we’ve done so far, continuing to develop our game and our style,” Vermes said. “It’s us really getting a chance to develop our play against a side that obviously does everything at a high standard.”

Vermes, who calls Manchester United a "formidable opponent", says the Wizards will bring everything they've got despite the fact that they've got another game next week.

“We’re going to give a lot of guys an opportunity to play knowing full well that we’ve got a game the following week against Toronto. So we’ve got to be smart and keep our rhythm going, too.”

If I'm the Wizards, I'm going all out this game even if it means being short-handed (or short-winded) next week. The implications of a victory against Manchester United, both with the perception of the team and financially, would be much, much greater than a victory next week in Toronto.

We're less than 24 hours away from seeing Manchester United on the field....