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DeJesus-Less Royals Lose 7-1 To Yankees

I think Will McDonald from Royals Review summed up pretty well the Royals 7-1 loss last night:

What a horrible game to watch. The team was down early. Rain delay to extend the pain. At least RicK AnKiel only struck out once. Alex Gordon with an error on the first play in the field. At least we didn't get shut out.

The game was over quickly as the Yankees put up four in the bottom of the first.

Jose Guillen did not fundamentally put bat-to-ball going 0-for-4 as did Alex Gordon in his first game back.

Only two Royals, Jason Kendall and Wilson Betemit, had a multi-hit game.

Hey at least they only left five on-base.

The worst part was the rain delay which kept this game going on and on and on.

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