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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/25

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Baseball trade deadline week is coming

The MLB trade deadline date is on July 31 so expect more and more rumors this week. The Royals were considered one of the more interesting teams at the deadline because quite a few players are considered available and have drawn some interest.

With David DeJesus now done for the season, things aren't quite as interesting.

That's OK, though, as there are players like Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Podsednik that are attractive to contenders.

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Freshman defensive tackle no longer coming to Kansas

Bad news, Jayhawk fans. Jeremiah Edwards, defensive tackle recruit, isn't coming to Kansas anymore, Turner Gill confirmed.

The reason isn't quite clear but it appears there was a heart condition and doctors realized it's worse than anticipated which means he won't be playing football.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk is going over the roster and, unfortunately, had to cross of Edwards name.

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Ron Prince case getting tougher to prove for K-State

We'll delve into this a little deeper on Monday but the Ron Prince case is going from really interesting to really bad for K-State.

Basically, the university is getting back into a hole with their claims that the Prince contract is invalid. It was negotiated by the AD who, you know, negotiates contracts. K-State is saying he acted outside of his authority.

Unfortunately, the bylaws clearly state the AD at the time, Bob Krause, had the authority to negotiate that contract.

To make matters worse, KSU went back and changed their bylaws to indicate that the AD can't negotiate contracts on his own. Seems like an implicit admission of guilt to me.

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Less than one week to Chiefs training camp

The Chiefs will arrive in St. Joe next Thursday for the start of training camp. On Friday, at 1:50 p.m., they'll conduct their first practice.

I know they haven't played a game since the first week of the year but it hardly seems like an offseason.

After the season ends, you follow the playoffs and the Super Bowl until the first week of February. Then at the end of February you have the NFL Combine. March and April is full of draft talk. There are usually OTAs during May and June. A short break in July and then we're back to it.

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