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Is Manchester United Coming To Town A Good Thing For The Wizards?

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Manchester United is in Kansas City and will draw a crowd five times the size of the Wizards season attendance at Arrowhead Stadium today.

But is that a good thing?

I was just talking with SB Nation Kansas City's soccer correspondent, Andy Edwards, and he said some things that piqued my attention.

He said while he's glad Manchester United is coming to town, it couldn't be at a worse time for the Wizards and league play. They're trying to improve and suggested the Wizards should draw attention by their play on the field -- not by bringing in big name opponents like Manchester United.

While I understand the premise of his argument, I wholly disagree. What the Wizards are doing with Manchester United coming to town is bigger than the Wizards. They're bringing the focus and attention in Kansas City to soccer. What they're doing is helping the perception of Kansas City as a whole as a soccer city.

The Wizards understand the path to long-term success as an organization in Kansas City is to draw as many eye balls to their team and their games as possible. Manchester United helps with that, gimmicky or not.

So while this game may not be in the best interests of the Wizards as it relates to league play, it's a great thing for the long-term success of the team, soccer as a sport and Kansas City as a whole.