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52,000 Check Out Wizards Victory Over Manchester United At New Arrowhead Stadium

You could call me the ultimate soccer skeptic. I think professional soccer has a long way to go before becoming a powerhouse in America.

But on Sunday evening, Arrowhead Stadium filled with 52,424 people to see the Kansas City Wizards beat Manchester United 2-1.

Yes, the Wizards beat the world's most popular and valuable sports franchise.

Impressive, no?

I would compare the crowd out at Arrowhead to many of the crowds you saw at Chiefs game last year. The Chiefs couldn't fill the stadium all season and generally had somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 folks at the near 80,000 seat stadium.

While soccer has a long way to go, Sunday night's event at Arrowhead Stadium showed that it is possible to make soccer a popular draw here in our midwest city.

Keeping the momentum going is the key and that's what the Wizards will face with the World Cup over and Manchester United moving on.