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MLB Trade Deadline: Jeff Francoeur Would Be 'Most Predictable Dayton Moore Move Of All Time'

Will McDonald of Royals Review has offered up his thoughts on the reports that the Royals are talking to the Mets about Jeff Francoeur.

It's a must-read for Kansas City Royals fans. Here's a snippet:

Jeff Francoeur's career began brilliantly. We always act like these things are a sure fire portent of a future star, but they actually happen all the time. Through his first 53 games, Jeff Francoeur hit .332/.370/.631. He had an OPS over 1.000. He slumped the rest of the way in 2005, and essentially, he's been in a slump ever since. From that point on, Game 53 of his rookie year, Francoeur is hitting .264/.306/.413. But hey, what's 748 games and over 3082 plate appearances between friends? He probably just needs an organization and fanbase that's fully behind him and gives him regular playing time, right? Oh wait, already had it. He needs a change of scenery. Yea, definitely that. We can't overlook the human element, can we? Oh...

Warning: Some heavy sarcasm from Will in his post and certainly worth the read.