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Clark Hunt: Manchester United Will Always Be Linked To The Unveiling Of The New Arrowhead

Kansas City Chiefs owner and host of the match between the Kansas City Wizards and Manchester United, Clark Hunt, spoke to reporters before the Wizards beat Man U at the New Arrowhead.

He said the timing was right to bring a brand like Manchester United to Kansas City and he couldn't be happier that their visit coincided with the unveiling of the New Arrowhead to fans for the first time.

"I did have a conversation with the Glazers about Man U coming to Kansas City. When Man U has come in the past, Kansas City has not been on the list of cities they would normally come to. But the Glazers and I talked about the New Arrowhead, we talked about the fan base the Wizards have and we talked about the growth of soccer in Kansas City. I think at the end of the day they realized this was an opportunity to take advantage of a market their brand hasn't been exposed to. I know in talking to them in recent weeks they're delighted with the crowd and thrilled with the decision to come here. They will always be linked to the unveiling of the New Arrowhead."

And on one of Hunt's proudest days, the Wizards took care of business and beat the Red Devils 2-1.