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Some Wondering If Wizards Victory Over Manchester United Is Biggest In MLS International History

Obviously the game between the Wizards and Manchester United was the biggest in Kansas City history, both figuratively and literally.

Figuratively speaking, it was huge because Man U is the biggest sports brand in the world and Kansas City was coming off of a soccer high with all of the World Cup events. Literally speaking, it was the biggest. There were 15,000 more fans at this game than the previous attendance record for Kansas City soccer.

Now the official website of Major League Soccer wants to know: Is this the biggest victory in MLS international match history?

Does it beat out DC United's 1998 triumph over Brazilian side Vasco da Gama for the InterAmerican Cup? Where does the MLS All-Star victory over Jose Mourinho's Chelsea in 2006 rank? How high would you place the MetroStars win by Clint Mathis & Co. over newly minted UEFA Champions League winners Bayern Munich in 2001?

They've got a poll going and, as of this posting, the over 64% of the respondents believe the Wizards victory is the biggest.

I think you know my answer.