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Wizards Hoping Manchester United Win Turns Into More Ticket Sales

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So the Kansas City Wizards beat Manchester United at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night. It was an exciting game and the largest attendance in Kansas City soccer history.

So what's next?

Per Wizards head coach Peter Vermes, it's time to parlay that into some ticket sales.

"Obviously, our hope is to build on this for the second half of our season,'' Vermes said. "And hopefully, after what they saw tonight, we can get a few more people out to watch the Wizards."

They'll have a hard time getting folks from 43 states and four countries again but I do think they could build some momentum here.

The Manchester United game was the last big soccer event of the summer. The Wizards marketing group probably couldn't be happier with the timing considering the World Cup is still fresh in folks' minds and Man U is the most popular sports brand in the world.

As they say, winning cures everything. If the Wizards start winning, they'll see an increase in sales.