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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/26

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

All trade deadline, all the time this week

The Royals are entering MLB's trade deadline this week. The deadline is on July 31, a Saturday, so expect lots and lots of rumors for the next week.

Big names being talked about that could be moved: Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Podsednik and Gil Meche.

Big names being talked about that are unlikely to be moved: Zack Greinke and Joakim Soria.

Lots of contenders know the Royals have a lot of talent coming up in the minor leagues and need to unload some of these veterans. It should be an interesting week.

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Five day countdown to Chiefs training camp

The NFL season is sooo close. The Chiefs will take the field for their first training camp practice on Friday at 1:50 p.m. in St. Joseph, MO.

It's the first camp not in River Falls, WI in nearly two decades so some things will be different.

One part that won't change: A Todd Haley-run training camp. Expect it to be intense and in-depth. That's one camp I wouldn't want to be part of.

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Why isn't Blaine Gabbert being talked about as the best quarterback?

That's a question being asked by the Daily Oklahoman:

Gabbert was one of the league's best QBs last season. Gabbert ranked second (behind McCoy) in pass efficiency. Second (behind Kansas' Todd Reesing) in passing yards. Second (behind A&M's Jerrod Johnson) in touchdown-interception ratio.

If Gabbert hadn't bummed his ankle against Nebraska, Mizzou would have won the North and all that Nebraska title-game controversy never exists.

I was on 1510 AM (Three Guys In A Garage) last Friday night and they asked me what I thought about Nebraska's preseason ranking as the top team in the Big 12 North. Well, I can see the logic but it ultimately comes down to your quarterback and Gabbert is among the elite in all of the NCAA.

He'll be a first round pick and, depending on his 2010 season with the Tigers, could be playing a big post-season bowl game.

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