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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Listening To Offers But Price Tag On Greinke, Butler Very High

There have been reports that the Royals are telling teams that Zack Greinke and Billy Butler are not available on the MLB trade market. Other reports have suggested that some teams are making a run at those players, namely Greinke.

Jayson Stark of seems to harmonize those reports saying that, while the Royals will listen, no one is likely to meet their asking price.

An official of one club that called said it was told: "We'll always listen. So if you want to throw enough names at us, feel free." But what the Royals actually want is a package led by multiple future ace-type starters. And that's a price no team would pay in this prospects-are-gold era we live in.

This is good for the Royals to keep an open mind, as I'm sure they usually do.

Never say never when it comes to trades. Once you do, some team will come up with an absolutely ridiculous offer that you can't turn down. Still, though, I'd be shocked if Greinke or Butler went anywhere.