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2010 Big 12 Media Days: Nebraska WR Calls Mizzou Toughest Crowd

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Good news, Mizzou fans. Faurot Field is intimidating -- to one Nebraska receiver, at least.

Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune, tweeting live from the Big 12 Media Days, posted the following:

Nebraska WR Niles Paul can't imagine road crowds getting any more hostile toward the Huskers this season, cited Columbia crowd as toughest

Faurot Field is a pretty fun place to see a game. Among college campuses, it's near the top for me.

I imagine this year the crowd will be even more hostile than the Thursday night game between the two teams last year. I also expect lots and lots of chants and/or signs from Mizzou fans getting after Nebraska for bolting the Big Ten. Mizzou fans are usually pretty clever so they can come up with some good ones.