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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Getting 'Bombarded With Interest' In Scott Podsednik By NL West Teams

We've known Scott Podsednik has been a trade chip judging by the MLB trade deadline rumors but Ken Rosenthal of reports the Royals are now getting "bombarded" by teams about Podsednik.

Source: Royals getting bombarded with sudden interest in Podsednik from NL West contenders. Would fit for Giants, Padres, Dodgers.

Podsednik, like Jose Guillen, is entering the final year of his deal. Sure, he says he wants to stay but if a team was interested in him and offered the right amount, it would be irresponsible not to trade him.

He's reliable in the field, hits for average and has speed. That's what teams are looking for in the at MLB trade deadline. He's a pro, too, and could fit a lot of places.