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David DeJesus Has Surgery, Royals Hope For A September Return

It's been reported that David DeJesus is out for the year with a thumb injury. That seems likely but the Royals have yet to actually make that roster move. They've placed him on the DL and hope to have him return in September.

He had surgery on his thumb Monday morning and, per Ned Yost, everything went well.

"Everything went good," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "The doctor got in and reattached it and said everything went great. He's still sticking by the 10-week thing, so that's good news for us. There were no complications."

Pushing him to come back this season doesn't make a lot of sense. Take your time. Yost cites DeJesus's "peace of mind" but, frankly, the chance of re-injury probably makes a DeJesus return pointless.