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MLB Trade Deadline: Giants 'Heavily Scouting' Royals OF Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen continues to draw interest. The Giants are a team that have reportedly been interested for several weeks (if not months). They were also in on the David DeJesus sweepstakes before his injury so it's clear they're looking for a bat and a possible outfielder.

Jon Heyman of confirms that the Giants have been "heavily scouting" Guillen. He also says Guillen "wouldn't cost much."

He also reports that the Royals are "peddling Guillen hard" and if they can't land Corey Hart or Jose Bautista, "they may consider" trading for Guillen.

Guillen is in the final year of his contract and is one of the Royals players most expect to be traded.

Stick around for more MLB trade rumors.