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MLB Trade Deadline: Before Injury, David DeJesus Deal Could Have Included Rays AA P Jake McGee

Before David DeJesus suffered what appears to be a season-ending injury last week, the Royals were listening to offers from others teams as the MLB trade deadline date got closer.

Ed Price of reports that one of the players the Royals were eyeing was Rays AA pitcher Jake McGee.

MLB Trade Rumors has more on McGee:

The southpaw McGee returned from Tommy John surgery last year and has 91 strikeouts in 76.6 Double A innings in 2010.  Baseball America ranked McGee eighth among Rays prospects heading into the season, but he might be first or second on another team.

That gives you an idea of what the Royals might've wanted in return for DeJesus.

Of course that's all for naught with the best-case scenario has DeJesus returning in September.