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2010 Big 12 Media Days: Mizzou's Kevin Rutland Says Blaine Gabbert's Been Impressive

Mizzou CB Kevin Rutland is one of a handful of Mizzou folks who made the trip down to Texas for the 2010 Big 12 Media Days.

While there, he told Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune who the most impressive Tiger was in 7-on-7 spring practices.

I asked Mizzou CB Kevin Rutland who's been most impressive player in 7 on 7. No hesitation: "The quarterback."

In football (and all of sports, really), the number one most important position is the quarterback. Many times, the success of your team is measured by the success of your quarterback. Gabbert is a reason some folks are saying Mizzou could be a surprise team this year.

Matter also said Gabbert is getting a lot of questions about the 2011 NFL draft but he's staying focused on game number one, Illinois.

Gabbert, if he puts up similar numbers this year, will be in line to be a first round pick next April.