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MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees On Joakim Soria's No-Trade List

The Yankees reportedly made a "big proposal" to the Royals in order to acquire closer Joakim Soria, Per published reports, the offer included top catching prospect Jesus Montero. The Royals aren't interested in the deal but the MLB trade deadline date is getting closer.

The Yankees are trying snag Soria to be their set up man (and possibly a Mariano Rivera replacement) but one problem standing in the way is that they're on Soria's no-trade list, meaning he can avoid a trade to New York, according to

While it seems unlikely he would do that, the no-trade list is likely aimed at giving Soria a bit of leverage in the instance such a trade rumor would get serious.

The fact the Yankees are on Soria's no-trade list should not be read to mean he would decline a trade to New York. It likely gives Soria some leverage if a deal were struck. Soria's current contract is for three years, $8.75 million, with three club options that top out at $8.75 million for 2014.

The Royals are reportedly asking for quite a bit of talent in return. Montero is one of, if not the best prospect in the Yankees system so that should tell you want the Royals would want for him.

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