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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Might Be 'Done,' Little Action On Available Players

Those who wanted the Royals to make a lot of trade deadline deals won't like to hear this. From ESPN's Jayson Stark:

In fact, the same source speculates KC “might be done.” DeJesus hurt. Very little action on Guillen, Bannister, Davies, Farnsworth.

Both the Giants and Red Sox were considered to be serious contenders for DeJesus before he was injured.

Stark reports that one source tells him the Royals have "no real options" on Guillen. This is in contrast to Jon Heyman of reporting on Tuesday that the Giants were "heavily scouting" Guillen. However, it does go along with Heyman's report that the Royals are "peddling" Guillen hard, trying to move him.

Apparently they're having trouble doing so.

Brian Bannister's name isn't one we've heard come up often in trade talks but Kyle Farnsworth has drawn some action on the rumor market.

Stay tuned to Royals Review for more Royals trade rumors.