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2010 Big 12 Media Days: Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert 'Clearly More Relaxed' This Time Around

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Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune is down at Big 12 Media Days and had an interesting observation about Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert's interaction with the media.

Tigers quarterback Blaine Gabbert was noticeably loose with reporters here. That hasn't always been the case with Gabbert during his first two seasons at MU. Always polite but occasionally short and usually reticent, Gabbert doesn't make for, what we print wretches call, "great copy." But Tuesday was different. He was clearly more relaxed and more engaging.

That makes sense to me. In year one, he was the backup quarterback after having been "the man" in high school. Then in year two he entered his first season as the starter so that's another reason for make someone nervous.

Now, in year three, with the full confidence of his teammates, he's taking control.

Look for Gabbert to have a strong year in 2009 (and then bolt for the NFL?).