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2010 Big 12 Media Days: K-State RB Daniel Thomas Predicts The Year Of The Running Back

When you think of the Big 12, you think of passing. Guys like Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and now Blaine Gabbert.

If you're to believe K-State RB Daniel Thomas at Big 12 Media Days, 2010 will be better known as the year of the running back.

"It's pass-happy now," said Thomas, who led four 1,000-yard rushers in the Big 12 with 1,265 last season. "But I feel like this year, there are four or five guys that are probably the best running backs around. So I feel like this will be the year of the running backs again."

Chances of this happening: Not great.

This headliners of this league will be guys like Jerrod Johnson and Blaine Gabbert.