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Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Not Interested In Buying The Royals Right Now

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There have been some rumors popping up in recent days that the Royals are for sale. Though there's been no concrete evidence suggesting that's the case, it has Kansas City abuzz that someone other than the Glass family could own the team.

The Glass family, the current owners of the Royals, have come under criticism in recent years for their failure to field a team competitive enough to win on a consistent basis.

While the Royals' lack of wins could be blamed on a variety of factors, I think it's fair to place the ultimate blame at the feet of ownership. They are, after all, responsible for hiring the men who currently lead the Royals -- the same men who have yet to earn a playoff berth.

While some names have been thrown around about possible buyers if the Royals do go up for sale at some point, the one I certainly wouldn't mind seeing is current Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, who appeared on 810 WHB's the Border Patrol on Tuesday morning.

Hunt dispelled any rumors that he might be talking to the Glass family about a possible purchase of the team across the parking lot.

Right now our focus is really on the Cheifs and our involvement in Major League Soccer. We made a tremendous investment in the Chiefs in recent years with the stadium and what we're doing in rebuilding the football team. I think for the time being I'd like to keep our attention focused on the Chiefs and our Major League Soccer franchises. After we've won a cuple Super Bowls, maybe we'll come back and think about the subject again.

I know the Glass family is doing a great job running the Royals but we're content with where we are right with the Chiefs and running our Major League Soccer teams.

Would you be interested in Clark Hunt owning the Royals?

He's been impressive in his first four years as the Chiefs chairman. While there haven't been any playoff wins in that time, he has hired the "big fish" on the GM market in Scott Pioli and put up a nice chunk of change (along with Jackson Co.) to renovate Arrowhead Stadium.

Hunt, like Pioli, has said that it's important to spend your money wisely. And in baseball sometimes it's not how wisely you spend it, but how much of it you spend.

I imagine the Hunt family won't be looking at this in-depth but it's a neat idea to think about.