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2010 Big 12 Media Days: No Danario Alexander Will Be Good For Blaine Gabbert's Growth

Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert will enter the 2010 football season missing 113 catches and 1,781 yards or, as you know him, WR Danario Alexander.

With Alexander gone, Gabbert's going to be focused to look in other places to move the ball. Ultimately, that will help his game.

While it's always nice to have someone like Alexander, Gabbert's growth may be affected more by this season when he's asked to manage the offense more efficiently and not just playing backyard catch with Alexander.

"I'm comfortable with all the receivers we have coming back," quarterback Blaine Gabbert said. "(They) just need to look at me and I know what they're thinking. We just plug in a guy and go in our system."

The Tigers have three players with at least 20 catches coming back -- Wes Kemp, Jerrell Jackson and Derrick Washington.

Gabbert transitioned to the leader of the pack fairly well after Daniel so I'd give a lot of credit to the system when looking at Gabbert in 2010.