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2010 Big 12 Media Days: KU Coach Turner Gill Is 'Big On Building Relationships'

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Turner Gill took the podium for his first go-round of Big 12 Media Days. Like many of the other coaches, he side-stepped questions about conference realignment.

Gill said when he took the job, he made it a focus to learn more about his players and get to know who they are.

So we put out a little bit of a survey deal that I gave to every single player, every single coach, and it had about eight to ten questions that were really detailed about who they are, where they came from, and how they came to where they are at today.

I had the players stand up in front of our football team and talk about certain questions. For example, one question I had everybody to answer was who was the most influential person in your life and why. Had all of our players and all of our coaches stand in front of our team and talk about that. I wanted to make sure that we got a chance to know that there's a lot more in common that we have with each other than we have differences.

This is probably in contrast to the way Mark Mangino ran his program but that might be a good thing.

Check out the full transcript at Rock Chalk Talk.