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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Season Preview: Safety Edition

This is where things get fun for Chiefs fans. This was one of the biggest areas of weakness for the 2009 Chiefs so they made it a point to add talent and that's exactly what they did with Eric Berry.

This is going to be one of the more interesting position groups this season. Here's the rundown on the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 safeties.

Eric Berry

He's the one everyone has their eye on. He'll walk into camp as a starter and leave camp as a starter (barring injury). There's basically no question about that. He lined up with the first team defense within his first week at Chiefs offseason activities and there's no reason to think he won't do the same at training camp and into the regular season.

The biggest reason Berry is nearly assured of a starting job is because there's really no major challenge coming from behind. Gone is Mike Brown, last year's starter.

Expectations are high for Berry, even in year one. History says a rookie won't make a huge impact but a lot of folks are hoping (and expecting) different.

Kendrick Lewis

He had a slow 40 yard dash time coming out of Ole Miss so he dropped to the fifth round. But the Chiefs know where to stick 40 yard dash times. They don't really matter and they're hoping Lewis helps prove that.

He split time with Jon McGraw at free safety during OTAs and we expect, at least in the early goings, a similar setup. The Chiefs want Lewis to be the future at free safety and while he may not get there right away he's on that track.

Look for McGraw to open the season as the starter but Lewis to see some action early.

Jon McGraw

He's the type of guy you want on your team. The Chiefs are big into vets who help out the younger guys so that's why McGraw is basically guaranteed a spot on this team.

Talking to him recently, he told me he wasn't worried about losing his job to a rookie. If that happened, he would help the rookie along because ultimately it would make the team better.

McGraw is also a special teams ace so it's possible the Chiefs could give some more time at free safety to rookie Kendrick Lewis and allow McGraw to focus on special teams.

Either way, McGraw is part of the 2010 Chiefs and it's only a matter of time until Lewis takes his spot.

Reshard Langford

The Chiefs plucked him from the Eagles practice squad on Christmas Day 2009 so they obviously see something they like. Langford didn't see any significant time in 2009 and he may not in 2010 either.

His role with the Chiefs moving forward is likely as a reserve and/or special teams player.

Ricky Price

Price is back for another go-round with the Chiefs. He signed on with the club last year as a rookie free agent and split his time on the practice squad, out of the league and on the active roster.

He's still young and the Chiefs did pick him and then promote him at the end of 2009 so there's some hope but whatever his role is in 2010, it probably won't be significant.

DaJuan Morgan

He's an interesting case. The Chiefs used a third round pick on him in the 2008 draft so, at one point, someone (Herm Edwards) saw some talent in him.

He seemed to have some early promise with a big preseason game in 2009 but never caught on during the regular season.

Morgan seems talented but for whatever reason has hardly seen the field in two years. That's reason enough to wonder if he'll even make the team.

Jarrad Page

Ah, the great mystery.

Page opened the 2009 season as the starter but was on the verge of losing his job when he was placed on injured reserve in November.

Numerous reports indicate that he wanted to be traded last year and he's backed that up this year by not signing his restricted free agent tender.

With each passing day, it's getting hard to envision a scenario in which Page is on the 2010 Chiefs. Once training camp starts, and Page isn't there, we'll feel more comfortable predicting his role with the Chiefs in 2010 (if there is one).


Obviously the key to this group is Berry. There's a lot of pressure on him to perform early so we'll have to see how he handles that. Some are thinking Berry will be placed into a Rodney Harrison-esque role with the Chiefs. Harrison did a lot of things with the Romeo Crennel-coached Pats including blitzing the quarterback at times.

The other thing to watch in this position group is the movement between McGraw and Lewis. The Chiefs have started two rookie safeties before and had success, so it can be done, but this team is probably better off in the early goings with McGraw as the starter.