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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Season Preview: Quarterback Edition

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The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback situation is pretty much set at this point. Matt Cassel's the starter, Brodie Croyle's the backup and Tyler Palko is third in line.

Here's a quick preview of these guys heading into the 2010 season.

Matt Cassel

He's the starter and there's no question about it.

Inevitably at some point this season, the offseason version of Brodie Croyle will return and folks will start clamoring for a switch.

Don't buy the hype. This is Cassel's team and that's been evident since day one.

He'll try to improve on his TD:INT ratio from last year (16:16) and really focus on making less mistakes. The Chiefs will be a run-first team in 2010 so Cassel doesn't have to do it all by himself (nor can he do it all by himself).

Brodie Croyle

He's set in stone as the backup. Ideally, he doesn't have to play at all but, like week one last year, it's possible.

I think the Chiefs generally like Croyle and what he offers as back up quarterback. He's a good passer at times but you just can't trust him to stay healthy.

If he has to make a spot-start here and there, that's OK. But if you're asking him to play multiple games in a row, that's a problem.

Tyler Palko

How much do you really know about the third quarterback?

Palko will be fun to watch in preseason because he's got some legs and can make things happen.

But he is what he is -- a third quarterback that won't see the field unless there's some sort of catastrophe.


There are no real surprises in this group. The only movement you're likely to see is maybe a switch at that third quarterback spot. Scott Pioli likes to have developmental quarterbacks waiting in the wings so if one pops up along the way, he'll have no problem making a switch like he did with Matt Gutierrez last year.