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Scott Podsednik Figures To See Some Action With The Dodgers

Scott Podsednik was an everyday player for the Royals. In recent weeks he had really come on strong, including a 15-game hitting streak, which was good for his value at the MLB trade deadline.

SB Nation's True Blue LA has taken a closer look at the Podsednik trade and thinks he'll see plenty of time down the stretch.

The acquisition of Podsednik at the very least means dramatically less playing time for Xavier Paul, who has started 13 of the last 21 games since Manny Ramirez was placed on the disabled list. Podsednik will likely become the everyday left fielder at least until Ramirez gets back, and even then given Manny's fragility, Podsednik figures to see quite a bit of playing time down the stretch for the Dodgers.

Ramirez is on the disabled list (again) so if he goes down anymore, it'll be Podsednik helping to fill the void in the outfield.