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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Season Preview: Center Edition

The center battle with the Chiefs will be an interesting one.

You've got the young guy (Rudy Niswanger) against the long-time veteran (Casey Wiegmann).

Here's your preview for the Chiefs center position.

Rudy Niswanger

Niswanger returns to the Chiefs after being the starter last year.

There are some folks who argue that Niswanger should be replaced and, considering the play of the offensive line at times last year, they have a point.

However, the Chiefs do like Niswanger. He works hard and generally does his job so he's in the Chiefs good graces. Last year, he suffered an injury that was likely to keep him out for a few weeks but, with some hard rehab, returned and didn't miss a game. That's the sorta thing the Chiefs like.

Niswanger is tall for a center (6'4") and hasn't played other positions on the offensive line so he has his work cut out for him.

Casey Wiegmann

The Chiefs signed Wiegmann over the offseason and, at age 37, they probably didn't do so to have him ride the bench so the loser of this battle will probably be seeing a pink slip.

Wiegmann was with the Chiefs back in the hey-day of the offensive line and returns after a two-year stint in Denver.

He's well versed in the zone blocking scheme, what the Chiefs will run, so I think he quickly has an edge on Niswanger.

The Chiefs are trying to field the most competitive team in 2010 and Wiegmann might be their best shot at doing so.

This will be an important battle to watch. Has Wiegmann lost it? Chiefs 2010 training camp will answer that question.


My personal prediction is that Wiegmann wins this one. He's the veteran and the Chiefs like those veterans that know what they're doing. He's been in the zone blocking scheme longer than Niswanger so he has a better feel for the offense.

There are other players on the team that can play center so I don't think it's likely they carry both in 2010.

However, there's always the worry that Wiegmann will be a Zach Thomas-like player and the Chiefs will realize he doesn't have much left.