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Cow Town Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/3

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Here are your morning talking points in Kansas City sports...

Don't look now, but I'm getting excited about the Royals

I know, I know. They'll let me down. But the Royals are playing just over .500 ball since Ned Yost came on May 14.

Last night was sort of bizarro world with the Royals. Kyle Davies gave up a bunch of hits and just one earned run in over seven innings. As Jose Guillen aptly pointed out, it's usually the Royals who get a ton of hits and score few runs.

If the Royals keep winning, it could change some plans they had for the MLB trade deadline.

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Brad Smith, Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert....Corbin Berkstresser?

Mizzou is turning into quite the quarterback factory. Corbin Berkstresser is a high three-star recruit, according to Rivals, and Jeremy Crabtree seems to think he could really develop into a solid player.

If you step back and look, there are not a lot of four-star quarterbacks in this year's national group. It's kind of a down year for quarterbacks. We have him as a 5.7 three-star, which means we still project him as a multi-year college starter that does have pro potential. So, it's not like he's not already one of the top quarterbacks in the region. I think some people for some reason have the perception that three stars means he sucks. Well, that’s not the case. Three stars means we think he's a tremendous college prospect and mult-year starter.

This would be big for Mizzou. Gabbert could lead them to some major success since he's got a first round arm.

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Turner Gill building from the inside out

If you look at all the successful NFL teams, they usually have two things in common: A good quarterback and a good offensive line.

Turner Gill is trying to build at least one of those. The Jayhawks have gotten several big time offensive line recruits over the last couple of weeks so it appears Gill "gets it". Kansas will have trouble competing for the top quarterbacks in the area but if you build a great line, you can put a less-than-stellar signal caller back there.

Good plan by Turner Gill.

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Kendrick Lewis has a strange contract with the Chiefs

The Chiefs signed Kendrick Lewis this week and it's a strange contract. Generally, late round picks (Lewis was a 5th round pick) sign for the minimum salaries then get a signing bonus that's pretty much slotted. Lewis, however, didn't take a signing bonus. Instead, he took a roster bonus on July 1.

The difference? The Chiefs can't spread the roster bonus out over the life of the contract -- they could with the signing bonus.

I'm sure there's some motivation there from Scott Pioli but I'm having trouble understanding it.

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