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MLB Trade Deadline: Braves Not Hot On The Trail Of Royals' DeJesus

Last week, Jim Bowden of reported that the Red Sox, Braves and Reds were discussing a deal for Royals OF David DeJesus.

Since then, a report has surfaced (from Cincinnati) that the Reds are not discussing a deal like that. Also, a report from Jon Morosi of contradicted Bowden's original report that the Braves were interested. Morosi has once again tweeted that the Braves are not interested in DeJesus and are not discussing a deal for him.

So basically it looks like Bowden got it flat out wrong on two of the three teams, right?

Considering the fact that he has since deleted that tweet linking the Red Sox, Braves and Reds to DeJesus, I'd say he knows he got it wrong, too. Ouch.

Maybe some sort of editor needs to clean up some of these competing reports