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Royals Give Ned Yost Two-Year Contract Extension

In the last hour the Royals have traded Kyle Farnsworth and Rick Ankiel to the Braves and announced a two-year extension for Ned Yost.

The Yost extension comes at a curious time. We brought this issue up a few weeks ago after the Royals had won 10 of 13 games and there was a very slight playoff hope still alive.

Now that playoff hope is gone and the Royals have struggled a bit in recent weeks. Despite that, GM Dayton Moore has extended the contract of manager Ned Yost for two years.

Moore dismissed former manager Trey Hillman in the second week of May and brought Yost on board with the interim tag.

Yost has had more success in his short time as Royals manager than Hillman so overall it's a good call that he's coming back.