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MLB Trade Deadline: With Deadline Looming, Royals P Kyle Farnsworth In Midst Of Career Year

Kyle Farnsworth is currently sporting a 2.04 ERA which, if held over the course of the season, would be the best of his career.

Good timing, huh?

“Isn’t it fun to watch?” pitching coach Bob McClure said. “He looks like a pitcher out there, doesn’t he? It’s been so consistent. It starts with his ability, and now he has more ways to get guys out now.

“He doesn’t just have to hit corners. He’s not out there thinking, `I’ve got to come in with the cheese, or `I’ve got to come in with the slider.’”

Like David DeJesus, Farnsworth is coming on at a good time. His name has been tossed around in trade rumors and for good reason. His ERA over the last four seasons has been over four so you can't expect him to hold this pace for much longer but he may be worth a rental for a year.


The Tigers recently sent a top scout to watch Royals and Mariners relievers while hhis name has popped up in other rumors.