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NFL Supplemental Draft Coming, Chiefs Still Supposedly Interested In BYU's Harvey Unga

The Chiefs are reportedly one of several teams interested in BYU RB Harvey Unga, the supplement draft entry. The supplemental draft is basically the NFL's summer draft for players who were kicked off their team or left school (for whatever reason) in the spring, after the deadline to apply for April's draft.

Unga was kicked off of BYU's team so he's in the supplemental draft, which will be on July 15.

Various sites are coming up with some of the teams interested:

From a quick perusal of some NFL blogs, it appears that the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals are especially interested in Unga. Of course, if they take him in the supplemental draft, they have to give up the corresponding pick in next year's regular college draft. Several NFL draft experts say Unga will go in the later rounds (fifth or later). We will see soon.

First thing I notice is the Parcells connection: Miami, New England and Kansas City. Here's an excellent rundown of what's needed to be a running back from the Parcells tree.

A quick Google search shows Jay Drew of the Salt Lake City Tribune above has likely been reading SB Nation's Arrowhead Pride (only Chiefs blog to pop up in a Google search). He's a smart man then.