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Royals' Jose Guillen Says Injury Was Like A 'Big Cramp,' Could Return Friday

Jose Guillen came up lame on a ground ball hit in Tuesday's game against the Mariners. With the MLB trade deadline coming up and the Royals sporting a nice hot streak, it understandably worried a few folks.

Per Guillen, the injury isn't serious.

"It felt like a cramp -- a big one," Guillen said. "It grabbed and grabbed and grabbed."

Even so, Guillen insisted Wednesday that he was "ready to go." He had played all 84 of the Royals' previous games.

Manager Ned Yost is the one who applied the "day-to-day" label to him.

"He's still a little sore, he's feeling better though," Yost said. "We were hoping it wouldn't be worse, and it's not, so we'll just go day-to-day with him. He's a tough guy."

The Royals should feel lucky if he only ends up missing one game.