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Two Key Recruits Visiting Kansas Thursday

There are two key recruits visiting the Kansas Jayhawks today -- CB Bernard Thomas and RB Darrian Miller. Thomas is the 11th ranked player in the state while Miller is the first.

Both players talked about their decision to visit KU and what the next step is.


"Kansas is at the top, man," he added. "I don't really have a top list, but they are definitely up there. Coach Mitchell has told me if I come to Kansas, I'll have the opportunity to play early. I will also be able to play with some of my high school teammates, which would be cool. Yea, I love Kansas."

He's also visiting Missouri and Kansas State as well as camp at Arkansas and Tennessee.

Thomas on Miller:

"Yea, Darrian and I talk about playing together at Kansas quite a bit," he said. "I just tell Darrian to do what's best for him. I honestly think that Darrian feels the same way about Kansas that I do, but he doesn't put it out there that much.

"I hang out with Darrian enough to know that he likes Kansas a lot," he added. "Actually, he and I will be at Kansas on Thursday for an unofficial visit. We've seen all the new facilities and things like that, and all the new upgrades are awesome. Darrian and I are just going up on Thursday for a visit."

Miller already committed to KU, though only verbally.