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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/9

Here's your Kansas City sports news for the 9th of July....

Royals get back at it tonight

The Royals return to the field tonight as Bruce Chen takes on Mark Buehrle and the White Sox.

This is a huge series. The Royals are eight games out of first place in the division and 7.5 from the White Sox.

It sounds like the Royals will skip Anthony Lerew in the rotation and Greinke will be pitching this weekend. Also, Luke Hochevar is expected to be available this weekend. I don't see them using him as a test in such an important series.

The Royals are currently seven games under .500.

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Mizzou releases roster, still waiting on two

Missouri released their 2010-2011 basketball roster and everything looks good except....Tony Mitchell and Ricardo Ratliffe, two recruits, aren't listed.

They're not technically on campus yet. Mike Anderson expects them both in Columbia, eventually. Mitchell is the one who had some suspicious grades and test scores so he's still working through all of that. Ratliffe sounds like he's good to go just taking care of some school stuff.

This is a very good recruiting class. Without Tony Mitchell, it takes a big hit.

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Mario Chalmers is about to get paid

He's the point guard on the Heat. You know, the same Heat that just signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh and re-signed Dwyane Wade?

Always looking out for his Jayhawks, here's what Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk had to say:

Mario now gets to have every game on TV.  Mario will automatically be made to look like a solid role player at worst.  And if customary protocol holds true, Mario can grab a chunk of that hefty contract from Lebron in order to give up the #6 jersey to the King.

I'd sell that jersey to LeBron for a cool $10 million. No joke.

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Dwayne Bowe going to Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp

There were a few interesting things that came out of Dwayne Bowe attending Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp:

  • The Chiefs knew Cris Carter was going to be there to give him some "tough love"
  • The camp is voluntary so he chose to come
  • Bowe had taken the previous 12 days off from conditioning
  • Bowe felt he was out of shape

How you're out of shape after last year's training camp fiasco is beyond me. I suspect he'll have it fixed by July 30.

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