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Kansas City Confidence Polls Week Four: Tigers, Royals Fans Continue Surge

The Tigers are back.

For the first time in our month-long series of Kansas City confidence polls, the Missouri Tigers can claim they're the most confident in Kansas City.

Team Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Average
Chiefs 59 64 64 63 62.5
Jayhawks 56
Tigers 34
Royals 26 28 37 48 34.75

Week One Most Confident: Chiefs

Week Two Most Confident: Chiefs

Week Three Most Confident: Jayhawks

Week Four Most Confident: Tigers

The Tigers didn't have anything in particular going on in the last week but they've been consistently feeling more confident since week one, when we were in the midst of the Big 12 drama.

Meanwhile, the other storyline developing here is the rise of the Royals. The Royals have won 10 of 13 games and four consecutive series'. This past week they swept the Mariners and took two of three from the Angels. Not a bad week, right? Royals fans' confidence continues to rise and for good reason. I suspect if the Royals continue to win, fan confidence will max out around the trade deadline.

The Chiefs continue to be, overall, the most confident fans in Kansas City over the last month. They've had an excellent offseason and things are generally considered positive at One Arrowhead Drive.

The Jayhawks are the Jayhawks. They've got the best basketball team in the country so don't feel bad for them. Kansas has been on a recruiting hot streak in football, as well, so KU has nothing to feel bad about. Frankly, I'm surprised they're not more confident.