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Kansas City Chiefs First Depth Chart Of 2010

The Kansas City Chiefs released their first depth chart of the 2010 season. Now, this is just the preseason and it's not official by any means but it's still an interesting look to see what the Chiefs think of certain players.

Here are some of the highlights:

Center: Rudy Niswanger over Casey Wiegmann

The younger guy vs. the old veteran.

Running back: Thomas Jones over Jamaal Charles

Charles' breakout year apparently didn't make much of a difference.

Fullback: Tim Castille over Mike Cox

Cox was the starter last year.

Inside linebacker: Corey Mays/Demorrio Williams over Derrick Johnson/Jovan Belcher

The fans are pulling for DJ, that's for sure.

Free safety: Jon McGraw over Kendrick Lewis

Some think the rookie can grab the starting job.