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Mizzou Football Camp: Day One In Pads

The Mizzou football team has ssurvived their first day in pads.

With the heat index passing 100, I imagine it was a hot, frustrating experience for many of them.

"I know the first-year players are glad that's over with," coach Gary Pinkel said. "If you remember back, as I do, to the first padded day in college, which was the first practice, there's a little anxiety."

This is usually when you see more fights in practice While it may sound brutal, the guys have helmets and pads on so there's not much that can get hurt in a fight.

"You see the more physical side of it," Pinkel said. "There's no question about it, you've got to be physical and you've got to hit in this game if you want to be good."

LB Will Ebner sat out of that practice because of a hamstring injury.

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