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Mizzou Football Camp: Freshman Receivers Making An Impact Early

Mizzou's offense -- and their entire success basically -- is based off of the passing game and how well the receivers can catch the ball and run routes in their system.

That's why it's promising to hear such positives about the freshman receiver class.

Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune says the play of the freshman receivers -- Jimmie Hunt, Marcus Lucas and Bud Sasser -- has been the talk of camp through the first week.

Hunt made a dazzling one-handed catch on Friday, using advice, he said, from his older teammates.

“You’ve got to swing your hips, get your head around and get ready to catch the ball,” he said. “And you’ve got to do it with speed. That’s what Mizzou is about: speed, power and efficiency. And that’s how I want to do and prove to everyone I can do it as a freshman.”

Just don't ask Danario Alexander or Will Franklin about translating that to the NFL.