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Mizzou Football Camp: Harrison, Jackson Competing For Starting Safety Job

In one corner, senior Jarrell Harrison and in the other corner junior Kenji Jackson.

The battle....for the starting safety job!

OK that was my Michael Buffer impersonation (you know, the ring announcer?) but the battle for Mizzou's starting safety position is getting interesting.

Harrison and Jackson split time last year and the way things are going now it appears they'll do the same in 2010. Head coach Gary Pinkel said the two could split time during the season or, if one outplays the other particularly well, could win the job outright.

But right now things seem fairly even.

“Someone’s got to be a one and someone’s got to be a two, and we just kind of evaluate them after every practice,” safeties coach Barry Odom said.

Last year, there was a one and a two and they split those roles. Harrison started eight games and Jackson started five games.

Pinkel says the key to winning the job is consistency, which both players acknowledge. For now, the competition will make each of them better as they battle to win the starting job.