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Mizzou Football Camp: Missing Sean Weatherspoon

As the Atlanta Falcons prepare to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the preseason opener on Friday night, it's a good time to bring up the Falcons first round draft pick Sean Weatherspoon.

The former Missouri Tigers linebacker will be missed in Columbia, that's for sure. His former teammates talked about him and how he'll be replaced.

OLB Andrew Gachkar

“He probably doesn’t know it, but I looked up to him more than anyone here,” Gachkar said. “I learned everything I did from him, and I just admire him the most out of anybody… Spoon would teach you to just take a chance and believe in your skills as a player, and obviously no one believed in their skills better than he did.”

MLB Luke Lambert

“He watched a lot of film and looked at the things other teams were doing,” Lambert said. He looked at the guard and tackle, pre-snap, what they were doing. What they do on a snap affects us.”

OLB Zavier Gooden

“Spoon was real vocal, you know, the loudest guy on the team,” strongside linebacker Zaviar Gooden said. “Made me real vocal. You know, we’ve all got to be leaders now… we’re all trying to step up and be leaders for the defense.”