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Kansas Football Camp: Here Comes The Rushing Attack

The Kansas football team over the last three years with Todd Reesing at the helm has had the perception of that of a passing team. That's true, to an extent.

In 2007, with Reesing leading the Jayhawks to an Orange Bowl appearance, they rushed the ball 52% of the time, J. Brady McCollough of the Kansas City Star notes. In 2008, that number was 47% and in 2009, 43%.

KU can expect to see that number rise in 2010. Turner Gill has been focusing on the offensive line during recent recruiting efforts and it's clear that's where he wants to dominate.

Gill also spelled out his preference to have a feature back in his offense.

“No doubt,” Gill said. “If I had to say exactly what I’d like to have, it’d be having someone that can carry the ball 20 to 25 times.”

Upgrading the offensive line and relying on the run game is a smart move for a team who doesn't have a clear cut quarterback, like the Jayhawks. So it's hard to tell if he's doing this out of necessity or because he feels this is the best way to build the team moving forward. I tend to think the latter because his recent recruiting efforts have been focused on the offensive line.

So get used to a slower paced game, Jayhawks fans.