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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Season Preview: Wide Receiver Edition

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The Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers will look slightly different in 2010. Staying in town is Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers. Newcomers include Dexter McCluster and Jerheme Urban.

And then you've got all those undrafted free agents.

Here's a look at the Chiefs receiver position heading into 2010.

Dwayne Bowe

He's had a solid start to training camp becoming arguably the top player in the first week. He's slowed down slightly since then but he's still one of the top five performers at camp so far.

One of the biggest reasons for his success this year is that he's in shape. Last year he showed up to camp 30 pounds overweight and was quickly demoted. That affected his confidence heading into 2009. He didn't seem to have the swagger (the good kind of swagger) that he had in previous years.

The Chiefs are expecting big things out of Dwayne Bowe in 2010 because they feel they're finally starting to get to him in terms of his maturity. While he still has a tendency to pull out the old D-Bowe Show -- something the Chiefs are trying to curb -- Bowe has demonstrated early on that he has the tools to have a big year.

Here's the thing to remember about Bowe as we head into 2010: In 2007 and 2008, he averaged about 1,000 yards per season. Those are solid numbers for a young rookie. His 2009 season was derailed by the suspension but look for him to rebound in 2010.

My prediction would be for Bowe to return to the 1,000 yards receiving area.

Chris Chambers

Could the Chiefs have two players reach 1,000 yards?

That seems unlikely but I do like Chambers in 2010 as well. He's going to be 32 years old and positions based on speed usually don't get better with age so that's something to keep an eye on.

Still though Cassel and Chambers developed a rapport last year on short notice and he was able to become the No. 1 receiver while Bowe was out.

Now the Chiefs will have Bowe and Chambers for the whole year which should be an interesting combo. Neither are what you think of when you think "No. 1 receiver" but both are solid.

My prediction would have Bowe topping Chambers in yards and catches.

Dexter McCluster

Here's where the receivers get interesting. McCluster is the wildcard.

One of Cassel's biggest problems the last two seasons has been getting sacked. One of the contributing issues with that has been holding onto the ball too long.

The addition of McCluster is important because I would venture to guess that very few people in the NFL can get open as quickly as McCluster has demonstrated he can through two weeks of camp.

He's lightning quick -- which is different than straight-line speed -- and his cuts could be very nice for Cassel if they develop a nice rapport and understand each other's timing.

Without seeing him on the field I can't predict what McCluster will do in 2010 but he could make or break the success of the Chiefs receivers as a whole in 2010.

Jerheme Urban

Urban doesn't seem to do anything incredibly great but a bunch of little things he does well.

His biggest asset is his route-running. Watching him in training camp he runs precise routes and, as a veteran, seems to understand how he needs to get open. He has experience with Todd Haley and on a prolific offense so that could play to his advantage.

My only concern would be how often he'll get on the field. The Chiefs right now have their top two receivers locked up -- Bowe and Chambers -- and it's looking more and more like the third guy will be McCluster.

In the end, I don't think Urban will have a major impact on the Chiefs receivers in 2010 but he's a nice insurance policy to have as that third guy.

Something to keep an eye may be McCluster's role as a returner. I'm not sure how much the Chiefs would want to see him as a receiver and a returner.

Terrance Copper

He's a special teams guy but will see time at receiver now and again.

His most famous moment of 2009 was opening the Denver game with a long, long bomb from Cassel but I wouldn't bank on that happening very often.

Lance Long

He's a fringe roster guy at this point. The Chiefs have McCluster who plays the same position but by early accounts he plays it better. Long is a nice guy to have on the team -- "I'll take 53 Lance Longs" -- but I'm not sure where he fits. He's no lock to make it.

Quinten Lawrence

Normally I would clump him in with the rest of the undrafted free agents and guys who's roster spot is far from guaranteed (don't get me wrong, Lawrence's roster spot is in no way guaranteed) but he's a Scott Pioli draft. I know he was released, re-signed and released again last year but I would suspect that the Chiefs would be more willing to give him a shot than the rest of the undrafted free agents because he's a draft pick (GMs don't like to admit they were wrong even on late round picks) and because he knows the system.

If I had to make a prediction today, I'd say he doesn't make the team but he's shown flashes during training camp that makes me think he might have a shot.

Rich Gunnell, Jeremy Horne, Verran Tucker

These are undrafted free agents with an outside shot at making the roster. Their contributions will come on special teams if they make the team.