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Royals' Billy Butler Not A Fan Of Being The DH With Kila Ka'aihue Now On Board

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Royals' Billy Butler doesn't like being a DH.

Two weeks ago the Royals called up Kila Ka'aihue, a promising hitter who had been tearing up AAA. With the season going the way it is, there's no way they Royals couldn't call up Ka'aihue.

Manager Ned Yost wants to see Ka'aihue's defensive skiils at first base -- two to three times a week, he says -- so Butler has been pushed into a DH role. Jose Guillen is no longer around to occupy that role so with Ka'aihue up here, it's Butler who's filling that role.

"It’s way better than not playing at all, obviously," Butler said. "Right now, it’s one of those things. I’ll keep doing early work at first base, keep working hard. I’m going to do whatever it takes to be a first baseman.

"That’s the way it is. I’m never going to accept being a DH."

Basically, the Royals have two good players that play similar positions which is a good problem to have. Yost is obviously taking an optimistic view of things considering he used Prince Fielder as a reference when talking about his plan with Butler.

"Most young players," he said, "when they come up, really focus on their offense. They neglect their defensive side. Prince Fielder did it early (in his career in Milwaukee).

"Then Prince decided he wanted to be a complete player and worked hard at (his defense). He (now) gets the most out of his ability at first base. I want Billy to do the same thing."

Butler will probably have to get used to it. He may not like it at first -- or he may never -- but the Royals are paying him to hit the ball so that's what he should be focused on.