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Mizzou Football Camp: WR Jerrell Jackson May Not Be Ready For Week One Or Two

When we passed along word that Mizzou had lost WR Jerrell Jackson to a broken wrist, the early reports indicated that he would definitely be missing the season opener against Illinois.

But what about the home opener the following week against McNeese State?

Jackson said a return to that game might be "pushing it", according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

“But when they told me” it was broken, “I couldn’t be sad. … I can’t sit back and pout about my wrist being broke. I’m going to coach these guys, and hopefully by the time we play Illinois, our receivers are ready to catch every football.”

So the broken wrist may cause him to miss two games.

WR T.J. Moe, one of the guys expected to replace him, has the support of QB Blaine Gabbert, who said he's not worried about Moe.